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Ultimate Fighting Championship hits fans with a new credit card

The Ultimate Fighting Championship's many fans will likely never get the opportunity to step into the ring to test their mixed martial arts skills against combat stars like Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell or Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. For their personal well-being, that's probably a good thing. Soon enough, however, UFC enthusiasts will get to take a piece of the sport everywhere they go in the form of the new UFC Visa Card from U.S. Bank.

In an announcement today, the UFC said that it has signed multiyear deals with several companies -- yielding action figures, branded clothing and credit cards, the Associated Press reports. The UFC credit card will be available starting on June 15.

According to a press release on the U.S. Bank Web site, "The card allows UFC fans to show their enthusiasm for the sport of mixed martial arts and carry the UFC experience with them wherever they go." The UFC credit card will also offer rewards. "Adult fans will be able to pay for purchases using a UFC credit card, earning points toward UFC gear, travel and gift certificates," the AP says. No mention was made of point redemption for the cost of hospital stays following injuries sustained during triangle chokes or knee bars.   

"The UFC represents a source of great pride for its fans, and we're very excited to be able to support their passion for mixed martial arts with a card that gives cardholders their choice of rewards," says Rebecca Johnson, vice president of affinity partners at U.S. Bank Retail Payment Solutions, via press release. "We look forward to building and continuing a great relationship with UFC and its fans," Johnson says.    

Hopefully, giving the UFC Visa card a workout will be enough for fans to prove their allegiance to Ultimate Fighting. After all, it's hard to swipe a credit card with a fist full of dislocated fingers.

Speaking of sports, my blog "Basketball star's perks allegedly charged to nonprofit's credit card" was featured in the June 10 edition of the Carnival of Fraud hosted by the Fraud Files blog.    

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