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Designer Cavalli launches credit card

It's no longer the just clothes and shoes that a fashionista make; now part of your chic image may be the plastic you use for your pricey purchases. According to Reuters, Italian high fashion designer Roberto Cavalli has designed a snakeskin print credit card for his brand, which fits in flawlessly with his reputation of being a master with animal prints. Check out a picture of the card on

The high-end credit card certainly comes with its perks. Cardholders will receive VIP services at Cavalli boutiques in addition to access to special events and shows. Cardholders also get access to special sales, which is helpful when buying a $1,600 cheetah-print dress.

The MasterCard was created in partnership with Corpcom, a marketing communications agency. It will be launched March 1, unsurprisingly, at Milan's women's fashion week. The credit cards will be available on Roberto Cavalli's Web site and in Roberto Cavalli boutiques across the world (he has stores in 20 countries). There is no news yet about what the APR will be, which is significant considering how expensive the purchases put on the card may be. 

Celebrity-branded credit cards are nothing new, and there are even cards with inlaid diamonds. But this is the first time a high fashion designer has broken into plastic. What's next? A woven leather Bottega Vennetta credit card or a Christian Laboutin debit card with a red underside?  

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