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Emily's list: Holiday weekend shopping edition

Today is loved by many and hated by just as many. It is Black Friday, which falls every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving. On this date, most retailers drop their prices and offer killer sales, so consumers flood to the malls and stores like rabid animals. So much money is spent that it often puts retailers who are in the red (debt) into the black (profitability).

On Black Friday, many of us will abuse our credit cards.While there are incredible deals to be had, much money is also spent unnecessarily in the frenzy. It's hard not to go nuts with the credit cards when you see blowout sales everywhere you turn. But the crowds can be wild, with lines out the door for hours. Last year, a store employee was actually trampled to death at a Wal-Mart. So if you choose to face Black Friday, be careful and spend wisely! Here are some tips from some of the best personal finance bloggers for dealing with the most notorious shopping day of the year.

1.    A guest post on Bargaineering explains how talk radio host Dave Ramsey helped him pay off debt and walks through the steps it took to conquer it. You may need to use these steps if you go too wild on Black Friday!
    Do you have fluctuating income? A guest post on Mrs. Micah explains how you can budget for holiday shopping as a freelancer; one tip includes taking a break from your credit card.
3.    Cash Money Life offers handy tips for shopping responsibly for those who choose to venture out on Black Friday.
4.    Moolanomy helps readers determine whether they have too much debt. If your answer is yes, you may want to stay home on Black Friday.
5.    While everything may look like a deal on Black Friday, don't be fooled. Adam at Wisebread lists five things you should NOT buy on this infamous shopping day.
6.    If you know how to play it right, you can save lots of cash. Linsey on WiseBread chimes in and explains how you can find the best deals on Black Friday.
7.    Clever Dude certainly had something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving; he and his wife just paid off the last of their extensive consumer debt. In this post, he outlines the first steps of his journey to debt freedom.
8.    The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is often a hectic scramble to find the perfect presents for your loved ones. My Dollar Plan offers even tips that can help you avoid stress during holiday spending.
9.    The Digerati Life tells readers how to save money on holiday shopping with discount gift cards and online gift certificates.
10.    While it can be a good time to find deals, Flexo at Consumerism Commentary explains why he would rather stay home and avoid Black Friday altogether.

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Laura said:

Emily, it was a Walmart employee, not a shopper, who was trampled to death last year on Black Friday.

Dan Ray Author Profile Page said:

Thanks, Laura, for the correction. We should have caught that; I blame triptophan poisoning.

The text has been updated to reflect the change.

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