Tyler Metzger

Credit card-reading guitar playing at the carnival, too

Big ups to Jeff over at the Sustainable Life Blog for including my post, "Brother, can you spare a swipe? Contactless card reading guitar unveiled," in this week's Carnival of Personal Finance.

My post, which details a wireless, touchless credit card accepting guitar by Barclays, is nuzzled into the ever-popular theme of Labor Day. Because what says Labor Day more than a raggedy bum asking for change and strumming "Like A Rolling Stone" in the corner of a busy intersection? Well ... maybe that's not the best example.

The holiday, according to the carnival, is "dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers." So congratulate yourself, kick up your feet and head on over to the carnival for a short history of Labor Day and loads of great personal finance articles. Mine, he termed "dangerous, but kind of cool." At least I think he was talking about the item, not me.

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