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The carnival approves of Smurfs

I'm happy to see that My Personal Finance Journey -- host of the 310th edition Carnival of personal financeof the Carnival of Personal Finance -- likes Smurfs.

Actually, it would be more precise to say approves my blog post from last week titled "A new player in the Smurf game: a parental wallet."

That blog post was selected for inclusion in the carnival along with dozens of others. Each week, the carnival travels to a different blog, but always includes the latest highlights from personal finance posters across the Web. My personal favorite from this week's carnival comes from Peter Anderson at the blog Bible Money Matters, who urges us all to make a total financial picture spreadsheet, complete with account logins, assets, liabilities and insurance -- you know, just in case. And then he provides a blank spreadsheet to help you start. 

So, if you're interested in frugality, credit, budgeting and other personal finance topics, give the carnival a read!

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