Erica Sandberg

Erica Sandberg is's "Opening Credits" expert columnist. While she addresses a host of questions from readers on a variety of topics, her primary focus is on helping those new to the credit world, be they students, immigrants or young adults. Got a question? Ask Erica.

Sandberg is also a prominent personal finance authority and author of "Expecting Money: The Essential Financial Plan for New and Growing Families."

Prior to launching her own reporting and consulting business, she was affiliated with Consumer Credit Counseling Services of San Francisco where she counseled individuals, conducted educational workshops, and led the media relations department.

Posts by Erica Sandberg

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Simplify holiday shopping with 1 gift for 7 people

Checkout lines are snaking around inside stores, and free shipping is evaporating. As holiday shopping panic sets in, you may end up overspending to the point of racking up unintended debt — and still not get the right things. There…
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6 ways hockey can help you erase debt

What do overdue bills and hockey pucks have in common? Turns out a lot. As an avid hockey fan and (very) amateur player, I’ve found that this most beautiful game can teach us a lot about how best to deal with…
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Online shopping busts waistlines and budgets

If you’ve been putting on extra pounds while also overspending, tech-based shopping may be the cause. It’s all too easy to slump over your laptop, tablet or smartphone and order away with a card on file. Soon the goods come…
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6 ways to make the most of Giving Tuesday

After the buying binges of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, a day for doing for others and giving back to the community can be a refreshing change of pace. Instead of splurging on gifts, on Giving Tuesday, people are encouraged…
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Tough times? Put credit card bills in perspective

We are constantly making choices when it comes to our money. What should we spend on items and services, where can we cut back, when is it OK to splurge … it can get confusing! As for credit card bills,…
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