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Jay MacDonald is a professional writer and frequent contributor to His off-the-beaten-path feature stories explore the religious, astrological, psychological, aromatic and hygienic aspects of credit cards as well as their cultural significance in film, fashion and popular song. His one-on-one interviews include TV personalities, bestselling authors, a championship boxer, a hip-hop mogul, an etiquette expert, a secret agent and a meteor hunter. Of course he lives in Florida.

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Getting drunk? DrnkPay cuts off your cards

When you get a little tipsy, do you get a little frisky with your debit or credit card? Lift a toast to DrnkPay, the cleverly named new app that takes the “you” out of “drunk” and lets you limit your…
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U.S.-North Korea tense relations’ new victims? Apparently, ATMs

Could mounting diplomatic tensions between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un over the latter’s provocative missile testing off the Korean Peninsula have disabled the ATMs at Pyongyang’s new Sunan International Airport? Unlikely as it seems, that’s…
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Subway’s footlong credit card settlement

You know how your favorite burger joint inevitably asks, “You want fries with that?” Given its latest string of consumer blunders, perhaps Subway should consider a similar tack, but instead inquire, “You want a class-action settlement with that?” In March,…
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Fast food faster? McDonald’s gambles on an app-etizing idea

Last week, McDonald’s promised investors a bright future with fries, announcing it will introduce mobile order and payment technology by year’s end at 20,000 of its new “Experience of the Future” restaurants, including 2,500 in major U.S. markets. Customers there…
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Trump Dash Button speeds donations to ACLU

While it didn’t take long for a socially aware techno-cat to cook up an ingenious response to the sometimes ALL CAPS feeds from America’s Tweeter-in-Chief, nobody saw the Trump rage button coming. Credit that mic-drop moment to Nathan Pryor, a…
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