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John Egan is a writer, editor and content strategist in Austin, Texas. Aside from, his work has been published by Bankrate, HuffPost, Credit Karma, LendingTree, PolicyGenius, Vitacost, SpareFoot, LawnStarter and other online outlets. He earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Kansas and a master’s degree in communications from Southern New Hampshire University.

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Financial literacy, Living with credit

Math skills add up to better credit account management

Pity the poor undergraduate psychology majors at Ohio State University: They’re forced to take a class in psychology statistics. Sounds painful, doesn’t it? For someone as math-averse as I, the thought of being required to take a statistics course makes…
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Financial literacy

Summer jobs program teaches ABCs of debit

High school students traditionally take classes in English, math, science and social studies, but in Baltimore, youths in the city’s summer jobs program are learning how to handle plastic. The plastic is in the form of a debit card, which…
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Fine print, Living with credit, Protecting yourself

Use a card or lose it: What would you do?

Earlier this year, the issuer of one of my credit cards threatened me: Use your card, or we’re going to cancel your account. Generally speaking, I don’t take kindly to threats, particularly from profit-seeking businesses. But in this case, I…
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Fine print, Living with credit, New products, Protecting yourself

Why I’ve soured on a sweet credit card offer

An appealing credit card offer recently showed up in my mailbox, but I’m taking a pass. Why? The offer, from the company that provides my auto and renter’s insurance (come to find out, the insurer owns a card-issuing bank) invites…
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