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I'm a former staff reporter at I began my career in journalism at The Atlantic in 2007, then detoured into nonfiction book publishing for several years. I returned to journalism in 2010 and since then have written about everything from 20-somethings with Herculean credit scores to the Federal Reserve's monetary policy decisions. I hold a degree in liberal arts from Sarah Lawrence College and live in Columbus, Ohio.

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Bankruptcy has ‘zero effect’ on job prospects, study finds

If you’re worried bad credit will dampen your job prospects, you can rest a little easier. According to an October 2016 working paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, a flag on your credit report showing you filed…
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Some subprime cards soften up on APRs, fees

If you’re rebuilding your credit, a number of subprime cards launched in recent months pair reasonable APRs with minimal charges. Green Dot – the company best known for its prepaid card – is now offering a secured card that helps consumers with…
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6 cash back cards to use for holiday spending

The holiday shopping season is gearing up and credit card companies are already starting their red and green and gift card promotions. On Oct. 1, cash back cards with rotating bonuses began offering 5 percent cash back at retailers including…
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Credit card miscellany

How the Sapphire Reserve changed my mind about annual fee cards

When I first started covering credit cards, I was skeptical of annual fee cards. It seemed like a waste of money to spend $50 to $100 a year or more on another piece of plastic. Cards that charged three-figure annual…
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