Kelly Dilworth

I'm a former staff reporter at I began my career in journalism at The Atlantic in 2007, then detoured into nonfiction book publishing for several years. I returned to journalism in 2010 and since then have written about everything from 20-somethings with Herculean credit scores to the Federal Reserve's monetary policy decisions. I hold a degree in liberal arts from Sarah Lawrence College and live in Columbus, Ohio.

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Family finances, Living with credit, Protecting yourself

Don’t let your credit take a backseat in your relationship

It can be tempting in a relationship to let your partner handle all your loans and bills,  but this could wind up costing you money in the long run. If you’re applying for a major loan, such as a mortgage, you…
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Living with credit, New products, Protecting yourself, Shopping

Will invisible payments lead us into debt?

Retailers and payment companies are coming up with increasingly creative ways to make credit card payments all-but-invisible, causing analysts to speculate that we may soon be entering a world where physical cards and other cumbersome payment tools are a thing of…
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Living with credit, Rewards

For some, elite cards are more status symbol than bargain

If you could afford a high-end rewards card, what would entice you to drop several hundred dollars on a brand-new card: lavish rewards that dwarf the cost of the card’s annual fee? Or high-end finishes, such as sleek metal encasings,…
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Living with credit, Protecting yourself, Shopping

Google plan to track card data outrages privacy activists

Google has started tracking what you buy with your credit and debit cards so that it can convince retailers that its targeted ads are persuading you to spend more. While this helps marketers, privacy activists – and everyday consumers like…
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Living with credit, New products

‘L Card’ aims to stand out from subprime herd

LendUp’s new L Card, which targets those with little credit history or bad credit, aims to succeed where startups and traditional lenders have failed in recent years. The L Card is not perfect, but it’s a step up from the…
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