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I'm a former staff reporter at I began my career in journalism at The Atlantic in 2007, then detoured into nonfiction book publishing for several years. I returned to journalism in 2010 and since then have written about everything from 20-somethings with Herculean credit scores to the Federal Reserve's monetary policy decisions. I hold a degree in liberal arts from Sarah Lawrence College and live in Columbus, Ohio.

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To cut credit card debt, change how you pay your bills

When you’re dealing with a large amount of credit card debt, every tweak you make to your spending and payment habits can add up to big savings over time. One of the easiest ways to speed up your debt repayment:…
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Payment privacy tools swap benefits for security

Startups capitalizing on consumers’ annoyance with data breaches are offering new payment tools that promise to aggressively shield cardholders’ privacy. But in exchange for peace of mind, you may be giving up card rewards and other useful perks. Before you…
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Not using card benefits is leaving money on the table

Racking up card rewards isn’t the only way to squeeze more value from your plastic. Most credit cards also offer a laundry list of money-saving perks, but you have to actually use them. Though I am a personal finance writer,…
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4 reasons millennials deserve more credit for how they handle money

Back off, naysaying baby boomers. Millennials are better money managers than they get credit for – even if they do drop more cash than most on bar tabs and overpriced toast. Today’s 20- and early 30-somethings are more likely than…
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How much higher can card interest rates go?

As average credit card APRs continue to break records, some cardholders may be wondering how much higher credit card interest rates can go. Over the past 10 years, the average APR for new credit card offers has climbed from 13.15…
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