Matt Schulz Senior Industry Analyst Matt Schulz has spent much of the last decade helping people make smart decisions about their money, especially credit cards. A keen observer of the payments and credit card industry, he has been quoted in or had his work appear in major media outlets such as, MarketWatch, U.S. News and World Report and Huffington Post. Matt is also a frequent speaker at industry conferences.

This is Matt's second stint with, having previously served as Managing Editor from 2008 to 2012. He has also led online editorial teams for an investing education website, as well as two local TV stations and a newspaper in Austin, Texas.

Matt earned a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin. When he's not working, he's obsessing over Texas Longhorn football, searching for a new restaurant to visit on his next date night with his wife and spending as much time as possible with his awesome little boy.

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6 credit card truths I learned from playing fantasy football

Some of the skills that help you win your fantasy league can also help you make a smart decision with your credit card.

Here are six things about picking a credit card that I learned from playing fantasy football:

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20 surprising facts about how Americans pay for things

Americans use this form of payment six times more than they did in 2000. Click through to learn what it is — and find 19 other eye-catching numbers.
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Why banks stop your purchases (and what you can do about it)

Like it or not, your credit card company is watching what you buy, where you buy it and just how much you spend on it.

One of the big reasons for this: sniffing out fraud.

In the wake of huge headline-grabbing breaches at Target, Michael’s and other retailers, banks are constantly on the lookout for purchases that might seem strange or out of character for a particular credit card holder. Oftentimes, they’ll call or text a cardholder if something looks unusual. They’ll even decline a purchase if it seems iffy.

But what exactly makes a purchase look sketchy?

Don’t know? Don’t feel bad. According to the latest survey, many of your fellow cardholders don’t either.

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Living with credit

Bribing kids with gift cards? I’m down with that

Every parent in America has bribed — errrr, encouraged — their child to do something.

Get good grades and we’ll take you for ice cream.

Sit quietly through church and you can have 30 extra minutes of TV time.

Now, however, parents aren’t the only ones making these types of moves. More and more, it is the schools or churches themselves.

Their enticement of choice: gift cards.

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Protecting yourself

5 steps to take now before the next data breach

Target. Michael’s. Neiman-Marcus. Heartbleed.

Pummeled by a nonstop barrage of stories about how shadowy fraudsters are working day and night to find new, mysterious ways to get access to all of your financial and online accounts, many Americans are worried — and feeling completely powerless — when it comes to identity theft.

But here’s the good news: You have far more power in these cases than you realize, and you don’t have to be a hacker to wield it.

Here are five simple things that you can do right now and going forward that can help protect you when the next major breach hits the headlines.

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