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My first interactions with credit cards occurred while working as a retail sales associate, pitching time-sensitive card perks to every customer who came through the checkout line. At the time, my 16-year-old self viewed credit only as an elusive gateway to overspending. Today, after many years of working odd jobs and completing a college degree, I hold a few lines of credit and understand that as long as you are proactive about maintaining financial literacy, credit can be a very beneficial tool, especially at a young age.

Prior to my graduation from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, I spent a summer writing consumer-friendly health and money articles for U.S. News & World Report. I’ve since developed a desire to continue learning how to better manage my personal finances and help others do the same. Today I am a staff reporter for, delving into the world of credit scores and reports.

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Living with credit

Millennials will switch to credit cards over time

“Do millennials prefer debit cards to credit cards? What does the evidence say?” The financial habits of young adults always seem to be a hot topic, so when this question appeared on Quora, a question-and-answer information website, I felt it…
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Living with credit

Finances carry emotional weight for women – and that’s OK

How I manage my money, credit cards and debt can be a regular source of worry and shame. In fact, a recent survey revealed that women worry more about money than men and lose more sleep over concerns such…
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Living with credit, Rewards

4 ways to eat healthy without starving your wallet

Swimsuit season is just around the corner, but there’s never a bad time to improve your grocery shopping habits in an attempt to eat healthier. And if you can eat well without busting your budget, that’s even better! Since last…
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Fine print, Living with credit, Protecting yourself

College students: Prepare your credit for graduation

Graduating from college can be an exciting, but scary milestone for young adults, especially for those still learning how to manage money and credit. I remember my pre- and post-graduation emotional highs and lows like it was yesterday. My “little”…
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New products, Research, regulation, industry reports

Retailers fight back against EMV fraud liability shift

I’ve had chip cards in my wallet for months now, but I can count on one hand the number of local retailers with chip card readers that are actually turned on. You’d think they would want to be as EMV-ready…
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