Stephanie Zito

Stephanie Zito is a professional traveler, humanitarian and credit card points collector sharing savvy travel tips she has learned firsthand from more than 20 years of circling the globe as a backpacker, expat and premium traveler in more than 125 countries and all seven continents.

Zito loves teaching others how to access travel and is the author of "Upgrade Unlocked: The Unconventional Guide to Luxury Travel on a Budget," instructor of the CreativeLive course "Make your Dream Trip a Reality," and the deal-master of the Travel Hacking Cartel.

Zito's favorite travel hack is a hotel upgrade that lands her in a soaking bathtub with a view of the ocean. When she isn’t hanging out in an airport lounge somewhere, Stephanie calls Portland, Oregon, home.

Posts by Stephanie Zito

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Heading overseas? Cards and more to pack

Whether you’re traveling overseas long term, or just headed out for a short holiday, here are the 10 things I always make sure I’ve got stashed in my wallet so I’m prepped and ready for an international adventure. This is,…
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Hidden card benefit: Save money and sanity in airport lounges

Airports are full of crowds, lines, delays, poor and expensive food choices, pushy passengers, and often grumpy airline agents, but your credit cards often can help you escape much of that. Airports, you see, are secretly one of my happy…
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Living with credit, Rewards, Travel

3 ways to get in-flight Wi-Fi for free

Frequent flyers want their Wi-Fi free and fast. With some credit cards, a few airlines and maybe even your cellphone carrier you can get free Wi-Fi while you fly, and faster Wi-Fi is on its way (more on that later).…
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The real value of a round-the-world plane ticket

We all love using our credit card award points for free travel, but if you’re flying around the world, you will save a ton if you use your credit card to pay for your plane ticket. A round-the-world ticket, often referred…
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