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Taylor Tompkins is a staff reporter at She has worked at newspapers and publications across Texas, covering everything from business and agriculture to local government. She’s a native Texan and graduate of Texas State, where she received a bachelor of science degree in journalism.

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Gen Z, Jay-Z and other credit news to know

This week’s (un)lucky number is: 14 percent That’s the percentage of teenagers who use a credit card daily as an authorized user on a parent‘s account. I imagine the credit card statements have a lot of charges for Hot Cheetos, video games…
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Living with credit

America the credit-ful and other things to know this week

This week’s (un)lucky number is:  16 In a historic Rounding Numbers first, this number is unlucky for multiple reasons. The first reason is 16 percent is the average credit card APR, according to our Weekly Rate Report. Sixteen is also the number…
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Happy birthday to the ATM and other things to know this week

This week’s (un)lucky number is:  $60 million Now, this week’s number is only unlucky if you’re TransUnion. If you’re one of the consumers mistaken for a possible terrorist or drug dealer, you’re doing much better. TransUnion had to pay that $60…
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Top 10 apps for the credit card already in your wallet

At a conference I attended a few weeks ago, one of the speakers told the audience of bankers to take out their phones. “Can you make a payment or redeem rewards with just your thumb on your mobile app? If…
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Getting your move on and other news to know this week

This week’s (un)lucky number is: 1 percent That’s the base amount you’re likely to earn on a cash back card. But if you work really hard, put good vibes out into the universe (and maybe sprinkle a little fairy dust on…
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