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Taylor Tompkins is a staff reporter at She has worked at newspapers and publications across Texas, covering everything from business and agriculture to local government. She’s a native Texan and graduate of Texas State, where she received a bachelor of science degree in journalism.

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Starbucks gift cards are now just a text away

Do you have a Starbucks addiction? Do you know someone with a Starbucks addiction? Do you have an iPhone with the latest update? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, boy, are you in for a…
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4 easier alternatives to the envelope budgeting system

Every Thursday, this young guy would come like clockwork into the north San Antonio bank branch where I used to work as a teller. Clutching a handful of labeled envelopes, he would wait patiently for me to fill them with…
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Ticket resellers’ new hurdle: purchase-card verification

One of my roommates sat next to his computer, poker face thoroughly intact and credit card in hand, as he anxiously refreshed the page. He was waiting to buy Lady Gaga tickets since she jumped off a roof at the…
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Living with credit, New products

Capital One unveils chatbot that loves emojis

Capital One is hoping its new chatbot can help you with everyday banking and credit questions – and maybe even get you out of a financial jam – all by using emojis. The company unveiled its first chatbot Friday, the…
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