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Tony Mecia is a freelance business writer based in Charlotte, N.C. In addition to his articles for, Tony writes for a variety of trade and general-interest publications and companies. As a reporter and editor with the Charlotte Observer, he won "Best in Business" awards from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers for his coverage of the airline and textile industries.

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WikiLeaks unearths top Clinton aide’s card offers

Tens of thousands of emails stolen from one of Hillary Clinton’s top aides are pulling back the curtain on the way Washington works. But they are also showing how the nation’s top political operatives are like the rest of us:…
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Chip tips: 4 ways to improve foreign trips with EMV cards

With a switch underway in the U.S. to replace magnetic stripe cards with those containing EMV chips, many are worried their cards won’t work overseas. Based on a trip to Europe, I can tell you those concerns are overblown.
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New products

Is Mickey Mouse showing us the future of credit cards?

Despite the hype surrounding the Apple Watch, Disney’s MagicBands are already delivering on the promise of wearable payments — and more. But there are still glitches.
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Living with credit

An American cardholder in Paris (and Barcelona and London)

When setting off on a two-week trip to Europe last month, I was looking forward to having some questions answered. You know, important international travel questions such as: Would Parisian waiters live up to their snooty stereotypes? Does my Barcelona hotel room have a bidet? And, of course, there were more practical considerations: Will my credit card work?
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