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Is anyone really paying attention?

Emily Crone

A friend recently burned me a book on CD called “Life’s Little Annoyances.” It’s about real people who had enough of something that massively annoyed them and did something about it. One vignette is about a successful woman who was furious that every time she went out to dinner with her husband, the waiter automatically handed him the bill. Never once was it given to her — even when she gestured that she’d take it.
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Making ends meet on a wing, a prayer and a credit card

Connie Prater

Credit cards have become the great equalizers between the haves and have nots. Even when they know they can’t afford it, people with very little income can get the $399 iPhone, the iPods, the Xbox 360 games and other high-priced…
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Don’t party with your credit card

Emily Crone

It’s every party animal’s worst nightmare: Spending a wild night of fun at a bar or club only to later realize that your credit card has been charged thousands more than you remember spending. In August, this happened to Thomas Salter, a Georgia Tech alum who celebrated college graduation with a few friends and an American Express card he shares with his father.
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For Halloween, dress yourself in plastic

Jeremy Simon

At least it offers a break from the ever-present “I’m a sexy (nurse, maid, astrophysicist, etc.)” costume, but when it comes to gender roles and women’s Halloween get-ups, this credit card outfit might not be much better:
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