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Why I’ve soured on a sweet credit card offer

John Egan

An appealing credit card offer recently showed up in my mailbox, but I’m taking a pass. Why? The offer, from the company that provides my auto and renter’s insurance (come to find out, the insurer owns a card-issuing bank) invites…
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You can now apply for credit by sending a text

Brady Porche

Applying for credit while shopping for a car or a new TV is now as simple as texting “LOL” to your BFF. Credit bureau Experian recently unveiled Text for Credit, a new service for lenders that allows consumers to apply…
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6 ways to stack your savings on Amazon Prime Day

Jeff Herman

If you’ve been putting off buying an Amazon Echo, today may be the day. It’s hard to ignore the Prime Day emails, tweets and even news coverage, so if you give in and shop Amazon today, stretch your dollars and…
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Gen Z, Jay-Z and other credit news to know

Taylor Tompkins

This week’s (un)lucky number is: 14 percent That’s the percentage of teenagers who use a credit card daily as an authorized user on a parent‘s account. I imagine the credit card statements have a lot of charges for Hot Cheetos, video games…
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