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Fast food faster? McDonald’s gambles on an app-etizing idea

Jay MacDonald

Last week, McDonald’s promised investors a bright future with fries, announcing it will introduce mobile order and payment technology by year’s end at 20,000 of its new “Experience of the Future” restaurants, including 2,500 in major U.S. markets. Customers there…
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Banks add virtual tellers as branch numbers shrink

Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp

Bank of America made news in February with the opening of three teller-less branches, but Indiana-based Salin Bank and some regional banks have been adding virtual tellers for years. Here’s how Salin Bank tellers miles away help customers at branches…
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Mastercard’s ‘Open Tab’ makes it easier to close out

Brady Porche

Paying your tab at a packed, understaffed bar can be a drag on a fun outing, but Mastercard wants to change that. The payment network in February announced a new feature in its Qkr! with Masterpass mobile payment app that…
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