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Hidden card benefit: Save money and sanity in airport lounges

Stephanie Zito

Airports are full of crowds, lines, delays, poor and expensive food choices, pushy passengers, and often grumpy airline agents, but your credit cards often can help you escape much of that. Airports, you see, are secretly one of my happy…
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Not using card benefits is leaving money on the table

Kelly Dilworth

Racking up card rewards isn’t the only way to squeeze more value from your plastic. Most credit cards also offer a laundry list of money-saving perks, but you have to actually use them. Though I am a personal finance writer,…
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Cards may help jilted Alfred Angelo brides recover dress costs

Jeff Herman

Brides jilted by the sudden closing of Alfred Angelo stores last week likely have a better chance of getting their money back if they put their wedding gowns on their credit cards. That may be little comfort for soon-to-be-wed women…
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