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Traveling to the London Olympics? You can medal in savings

Susan Ladika

It’s not quite to the point where I’ll pop over to London for a spot o’ tea. But the capital city has become part of my regular vacation routine, thanks to the kindness of friends who welcome me into their home.

Last year I was arrived just days after the royal nuptials of William and Kate, and Westminster Abbey was still mobbed with tourists, perhaps hoping to find a stray grain of rice or wilted petal from the bridal bouquet.

This year my visit comes weeks before the start of the London 2012 Olympics. I’ll be gone before the torch lights the lamp, but as a longtime London visitor, I do have some money-saving tips for those who are attending the games.

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Chad Ochocinco’s venti venting over stolen Starbucks card

Connie Prater

Customer loyalty knows no bounds.

NFL baller Chad Ochocinco took to Twitter this week in a rant about the loss of his Starbucks coffee card. Someone broke into his SUV May 23 and stole his iPod and wallet containing his driver’s license and two credit cards.

Ochocinco wasn’t sweating the loss of those things, though. He expresses the real outrage in a video he taped inside his SUV: He lost his Starbucks card. And not just any Starbucks card.

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Emily’s list: I’m a frequent flier edition

Emily Crone

I feel like I’ve finally hit a credit card milestone: I bought my first plane ticket on frequent flier miles!
I’ve been using a Chase Continental business card for a few years, building up points, so when my mom said to come visit her in Ireland where she’s studying, I was ohsoclose to having enough points for a free flight with them.
Then I discovered how to make my soon-to-be-Irish eyes smile.
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Barclaycard Ring: Plastic with a social media twist

Julie Sherrier

Barclaycard is attempting to curry the credit card-carrying public’s favor by introducing the Barclaycard Ring MasterCard, which will be designed (at least in part) by social media feedback.

Cardholders — or “members” — will be allowed to see the card’s profit-and-loss statements as well as take a share of profits down the road, which can be donated to charity through its “Giveback” program. The colorful, feel-good website for the card touts: “You and your fellow
cardmembers will work together to shape Barclaycard Ring into something you can feel good about. As your credit card company, we promise to listen to what you have to say.”

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Diva in Debt sings about Thankyou rewards blog

Connie Prater

My blog about trying to set up a Facebook app to allow my friends to share my Citi ThankYou rewards points was featured in this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by Diva in Debt.

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