Will invisible payments lead us into debt?

Kelly Dilworth

Retailers and payment companies are coming up with increasingly creative ways to make credit card payments all-but-invisible, causing analysts to speculate that we may soon be entering a world where physical cards and other cumbersome payment tools are a thing of…
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7 smart money and credit tips from millennials

Erica Sandberg

Millennials somehow got a reputation as being less financially savvy than older generations. That’s just not true, and the seven millennials who shared their smart spending and charging tips with me are proof. They’re using credit wisely, establishing credit goals,…
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Rounding Numbers: Don’t forget dad (and your debt) and other news to know this week

Taylor Tompkins

This week’s (un)lucky number is: 94 million That’s how many Americans are storing their credit and debit card information online – and surprise! it’s most common among the elderly. Are we just waiting to get hacked or are we just lazy?…
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To latte, or not to latte? That’s the $5-a-day question

Brady Porche

Are personal finance gurus who tell you to cut the lattes full of beans, or do their critics need to wake up and smell the coffee? We’ve all heard from some money expert or another that we should kick that…
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4 money lessons I learned this school year

Dawn Papandrea

Raising school-aged children is expensive. I mean, you can easily blow your budget on fidget spinners alone! As another school year comes to a close, my kids and I have learned a lot, including a few money-related lessons. Here are…
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