Big purchase, Neymar transfer-style? Don’t forget to cash in on rewards points

Taylor Tompkins

To the west of the Atlantic, we’re not too fond of the “other” futbol – yet. But Thursday heads across the globe turned toward a single soccer player who scored with a world record-breaking deal. Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, better known…
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6 weight loss strategies that can help you shed card debt

Kelly Dilworth

I recently joined Weight Watchers in an effort to finally shed the 20-plus pounds I gained after having a baby. After becoming immersed in weight loss research and advice, I realized that many of the tools and strategies people use…
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Bad credit? It’s getting tougher to get a card

Matt Schulz

The freewheeling, darn-near-everyone-who-wants-a-card-gets-a-card times that the credit card business has experienced for the past few years might finally be coming to an end, according to Federal Reserve data released on Monday. The Fed’s Quarterly Senior Loan Officer Survey showed that…
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How rewards card experts manage their payments

Dawn Papandrea

Points hackers – you know, the ones who earn free flights, hotel rooms and luxurious perks from their credit card spend – know just how to maximize their plastic. They use it for everyday purchases, pile their bills onto their…
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How to see the solar eclipse on your card rewards

Jeff Herman

Viewing the solar eclipse from a prime location will be the trip of a lifetime for some and an epic experience for others. For Ivonne MacMillan and her husband, who used their credit card rewards to get to their solar-eclipse…
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