How I learned to stop worrying and love the credit card

Emily Crone

Hello, dear readers. I’m Emily, the editorial assistant and a blogger here at You may wonder how much a recent college grad could possibly know about credit cards and personal finance, but believe me, I have learned plenty of lessons on the road to adulthood. Through my job here I have also learned so much, and I am eager to share my new knowledge with other credit neophytes.

I grew up without much exposure to credit cards. My mom mostly wrote checks, and my dad (a criminal defense attorney) paid for everything in cash. I was taught to save until you could buy something, which is still a great lesson. My first major purchase was a Sega Genesis in first grade, which I still own (and still works). I painstakingly saved my $1.25 weekly allowance until I could afford it.
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Is the next generation already wrapped in plastic?

Connie Prater

We’re raising a generation of kids bound for a plastic culture. That’s a world where paper currency is obsolete, where you buy and sell goods and services through electronic, wireless or remote transfers of dollars, pounds and Euros. But you…
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