Study: Social lending poses threat to credit cards

Daniel Ray

New research says that person-to-person “social lending” will grow, grow fast, and that one of the major sources of demand for the loans will come from people who want to pay off credit card debt.

That’s good news for consumers, because more competition for card customers will exert downward pressure on everyone’s credit card rates.
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Even without embarrassment, don’t max out credit cards

Connie Prater

“I’m sorry, but this card has been rejected,” the snooty waiter says. Your companions around the table stare and you can’t meet anyone’s eyes as you go shifting through your wallet for another credit card that perhaps will go through.

Sorry. It just doesn’t happen that way any more …
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Wedding + credit card = a perfect marriage?

Emily Crone

Planning a wedding can be incredibly costly, time-consuming and complicated. I’ve already told my boyfriend that if we get married, it will be super small, maybe barefoot on a beach; no bridesmaids, no expensive dress, no third cousins, no shenanigans. I’d rather save the money for a great honeymoon or a house. But if you’re the type who has been planning your dream wedding since age 6, believe it or “knot” (ha), there is a credit card for you.
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Timing is everything for some credit card payments

Connie Prater

What time is your credit card payment due? Yes, not what date is it due (though that, of course, is important). But do you know the cut-off time your credit card company sets for processing payments? For many credit card…
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Fisticuffs over store credit cards

Jeremy Simon

Add this item to the list of dangers involved with store credit cards: In Wauwatosa, Wis., fists began flying after a promotion in a local Kmart resulted in approvals for anyone seeking a store credit card, reports television station WISN.
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