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Card APRs will rise quickly after Fed rate hike

Matt Schulz
Card APRs rise quickly after rate hike

How quickly will they hit you? Once the Fed acts, your card agreement spells it out, and there are variations between banks. Some will act superfast, others will grant customers a brief reprieve.
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To really help small businesses, pay with cash not credit

Kelly Dilworth

American Express cardholders can save big through the end of 2016 by using their cards at local businesses, but if you really want to support those mom-and-pop shops, you’ll do more overall by using cash instead of credit. Through December…
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Surprising things you can buy from Facebook chatbots

Brady Porche

Facebook has built its massive success on interactions between people, but now chatty robots are taking over. In September, the social media network announced users of its Messenger app will soon be able to buy products directly from “chatbots” —…
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Fintech ideas may help struggling borrowers

Kelly Dilworth

When faced with an unexpected bill or a sudden drop in income, many consumers with minimal savings and a low or nonexistent credit score have few good options to choose from. Some are forced to take on a high-cost loan.…
Read More credit card ban outrages Australian sex workers

Jay MacDonald

Should U.S. credit card companies impose American morals on other countries?

Workers in Australia’s adult legal sex trade certainly don’t think so, but that’s what has happened as three major credit card networks stopped processing payments for a publication that advertises sex workers in both countries.

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