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U.S.-North Korea tense relations’ new victims? Apparently, ATMs

Jay MacDonald

Could mounting diplomatic tensions between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un over the latter’s provocative missile testing off the Korean Peninsula have disabled the ATMs at Pyongyang’s new Sunan International Airport? Unlikely as it seems, that’s…
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Would you trust your card at these sketchy ATMs?

Erica Sandberg

Pity the poor ATM that’s been defaced by vandals or tagged with graffiti. The card-carrying public should shun sketchy-looking ATMs, opting instead to seek out and use a cleaner and shinier machine. Choices abound. There are about 420,000 ATMs in…
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Bring cash to get pot stash in Colorado

Jenny Hoff

Recreational use of pot is legal in Colorado, but since it’s not legal at the federal level, that means it’s “cash only” for tourists looking to get high in the Mile High City. A hot spot for nature lovers and winter…
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20 surprising facts about how Americans pay for things

Matt Schulz

Americans use this form of payment six times more than they did in 2000. Click through to learn what it is — and find 19 other eye-catching numbers.
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