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Card APRs will rise quickly after Fed rate hike

Matt Schulz
Card APRs rise quickly after rate hike

How quickly will they hit you? Once the Fed acts, your card agreement spells it out, and there are variations between banks. Some will act superfast, others will grant customers a brief reprieve.
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Capital One unveils chatbot that loves emojis

Taylor Tompkins

Capital One is hoping its new chatbot can help you with everyday banking and credit questions – and maybe even get you out of a financial jam – all by using emojis. The company unveiled its first chatbot Friday, the…
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The bigger the bank, the higher the fees

Julie Sherrier

I’m glad I’m not a Bank of America customer. Apparently BofA is testing yet another new set of fees to boost its sagging revenues, according to the Wall Street Journal.

It’s not necessarily the fees that bother me the most about BofA, it’s the size of the bank. It’s too big. And the bigger the institution, the more impersonal the service and, more importantly, if the bank isn’t doing well, too many people can get caught in the crosshairs.

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Emily’s list: Consumer power edition

Emily Crone

American consumers have really found their voice lately. In late September, Bank of America announced it would be implementing a $5 monthly fee for some debit card users, and their customers went into a rage. People complained hotly and loudly in every online outlet possible that this change was unacceptable and that they would take their business elsewhere. A little more than a month later on Nov. 11, Bank of America changed course and said it was scratching its plans to add a fee.

Just a few months ago, Netflix made headlines when they announced a major price increase in addition to a splitting of DVD and streaming services. They received massive amounts of backlash. Netflix eventually crawled back into the spotlight and admitted the flub, and decided to go back to just having one service with two products.

People have been using social media to broadcast bad experiences with companies, but I feel like in the past few months, consumers have really had a huge voice and lead major corporations to change their policies and prices. For all kinds of interesting financial tidbits and know-how, please read on for my roundup of my 10 favorite money-related blog posts from the past week!

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