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Alexa will give you your credit card balance – if you ask her correctly

Jeff Herman
Alexa, what's my card balance?

Alexa tells you a joke, reads you the news, plays your favorite music … and lets you know your credit card balance. Capital One, American Express and USAA Labs have rolled out Alexa skills, but what credit card and banking questions can…
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Capital One unveils chatbot that loves emojis

Taylor Tompkins

Capital One is hoping its new chatbot can help you with everyday banking and credit questions – and maybe even get you out of a financial jam – all by using emojis. The company unveiled its first chatbot Friday, the…
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Usernames and passwords, don’t slow me down!

Kimberley Carmona

Like most people my age, I use my mobile phone for everything. I use my phone to connect with people, check the weather and order groceries. I also track how much I have in my bank account using my mobile bank app. I…
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SureSwipe takes PINs in a new direction

Jay MacDonald

This month, Capital One introduced its SureSwipe mobile phone app that veers from the alphanumeric mainstream to enable users to log in based on pattern recognition. Instead of setting up a boring old password, SureSwipe users trace a pattern on a square, nine-point touch screen grid that becomes their pattern sign-in. You have to hit at least four of the nine points in sequence, and lame figures aren’t allowed, for you Zorros out there.
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Super Bowl credit card commercials — a look back

Jeremy Simon

You don’t have to be a bank executive — or even a personal finance reporter — to know the last few years have been rough for credit card issuers. Amid the economic downturn and some negative publicity over their treatment of customers, banks decided to bypass the cost and visibility of creating Super Bowl commercials for the most recent NFL championships.

And it looks like we won’t see any new credit card promotional spots during the commercial breaks for this year’s Super Bowl XLV. Expect a lot of car ads, along with the requisite celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, a Claymationated Eminem and an oddball pairing of Justin Bieber with Ozzy Osbourne (can a duets album be far behind?).

With that grim reality facing those of us who enjoy the commercials as much (or more) than the game itself, here’s a look back at some noteworthy credit card ads from Super Bowls gone by:

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