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Bring cash to get pot stash in Colorado

Jenny Hoff

Recreational use of pot is legal in Colorado, but since it’s not legal at the federal level, that means it’s “cash only” for tourists looking to get high in the Mile High City. A hot spot for nature lovers and winter…
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Millennials: Cards first, cash later (or never)

Sienna Kossman

It’s no secret young adults love technology. We’ve grown up surrounded by digital devices and a world of information at our fingertips. And that’s why we love paying with cards over cash, too. For many millennials — myself included —…
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How to save like a German – 4 tips

Jenny Hoff

During a recent trip to Germany, I found myself in a bit of a bind when I needed to pick up a few essentials at the grocery store and remembered (once I arrived) that I could pay only with cash…
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Charity donations made in cash more meaningful

Kelly Dilworth

If you’re seeking donations for a charitable endeavor, such as your kid’s soccer team or for your favorite nonprofit, try asking for donations in cash instead of credit. According to a November 2015 study in the Journal of Consumer Research,…
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App lets your smartphone dial for dollars at ATMs

Jay MacDonald

In a move that may forever alter the meaning of "dialing for dollars," global financial services giant FIS will soon enable ATM users nationwide to call ahead for cash from their smartphones, no debit or credit card required.

The app turns your smartphone into a remote control for your nearest cash machine. If all goes as planned, the shortcut could shave your ATM cash withdrawal time from 30 to 40 seconds down to single digits and make it well-nigh impossible for ID thieves to swipe your account information.

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