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Skip the cash advance — and other weekly card news

Taylor Tompkins

This week’s (un)lucky number is: 23.68 That’s the average percent of interest you’ll pay if you get a cash advance from your credit card. If you need cash quick, getting a cash advance is better than selling your kidney on…
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Resisting the siren call of convenience checks

Karen Queen

The convenience checks from my credit union arrived just as I’d been musing about all the things we could do or buy once our savings account again reached critical mass. Temptation beckoned, but then I remembered that convenience comes at a cost.
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Emily’s List: Walt Disney Edition

Emily Crone

On this day in 1901, Walt Disney was born. In this week’s credit card roundup, we celebrate Disney’s hundreds of inspiring and heartwarming films that defined many of our childhoods.
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‘Cash advance,’ ‘foreclosure’ top list of fast-rising online search terms

Daniel Ray

If Internet searches for the terms “cash advance” and “foreclosure” were songs on the Billboard charts, they’d be rising with a bullet.
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