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Getting your move on and other news to know this week

Taylor Tompkins

This week’s (un)lucky number is: 1 percent That’s the base amount you’re likely to earn on a cash back card. But if you work really hard, put good vibes out into the universe (and maybe sprinkle a little fairy dust on…
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Amazon Prime Reload: No-brainer or no, thank you?

Matt Schulz

Amazon is trying to bring debit card rewards back, but it may not be the no-brainer it sounds like for consumers. The online retail behemoth recently announced its new Prime Reload program, which effectively allows Amazon Prime members to get…
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4 money lessons I learned this school year

Dawn Papandrea

Raising school-aged children is expensive. I mean, you can easily blow your budget on fidget spinners alone! As another school year comes to a close, my kids and I have learned a lot, including a few money-related lessons. Here are…
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Pros, cons of paying rent with your credit cards

Toni Husbands

Charging your rent can be a savvy way to rack up rewards, but is it worth the added cost of paying by plastic? For some millennials I spoke with, a generation that has grown up in a world in which…
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4 dangers of a rewards credit card

Stephanie Zito

Everyone loves a credit card that earns points and miles – especially those with big sign-up offers and irresistible annual benefits. But at the end of the year, when you tally up your finances, are rewards card worth it? If…
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