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Medical bills can take a big toll on credit

Brady Porche

Paying a big medical bill can have long-term financial side effects, according to a new study by Chase. In a study of 250,000 Chase checking account holders, the bank found that the average family’s revolving credit card debt was 9…
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Millennials answer Reserve’s 100,000-point question

Jeff Herman

It’s the 100,000-point question: How will you spend that whopper of a sign-up bonus with your new Chase Reserve credit card? Millennials, who a Chase spokeswoman says are the ones mostly responsible for snapping up the new Reserve cards (see…
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Usernames and passwords, don’t slow me down!

Kimberley Carmona

Like most people my age, I use my mobile phone for everything. I use my phone to connect with people, check the weather and order groceries. I also track how much I have in my bank account using my mobile bank app. I…
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Fintech ideas may help struggling borrowers

Kelly Dilworth

When faced with an unexpected bill or a sudden drop in income, many consumers with minimal savings and a low or nonexistent credit score have few good options to choose from. Some are forced to take on a high-cost loan.…
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Withdraw $1 from an ATM (and pay a $4 fee)

Jay MacDonald

Chase and PNC are trying out a new "Self-Service Teller", which applies a Transformer makeover to the garden-variety ATM by enabling human customers to receive cash in $5, $1 and even coin denominations. At other ATMs, the smallest change you’ll receive is a 10-dollar bill, with most dispensing only $20 bills.

So yes, it’s true: You can now withdraw $1 from an ATM — and potentially pay a $4 ATM fee for the privilege.

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