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4 ways EMV may change US fraud landscape

Sienna Kossman

In the wake of last week’s EMV fraud liability shift, industry experts are looking ahead to how this major payment system change will impact fraud in the U.S. An Oct. 1 webinar from Fiserv and American Banker examined how fraudsters…
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Chip tips: 4 ways to improve foreign trips with EMV cards

Tony Mecia

With a switch underway in the U.S. to replace magnetic stripe cards with those containing EMV chips, many are worried their cards won’t work overseas. Based on a trip to Europe, I can tell you those concerns are overblown.
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Will more secure cards come at a price?

Fred Williams

Card users are clamoring for tighter security, as security breaches continue to hit the headlines. But will peace of mind come at a price? A case in Canada shows how more secure cards come with more responsibility for cardholders.
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A credit-card-savvy travelers guide to France, Italy

Martin Merzer

You’ve bought the airline tickets, found a few charming hotels (breakfast included), and decided that you’d really rather not drive if you can possibly avoid it, thank you very much.

Now, comes the hard part: Figuring out how to use your U.S. credit and debit cards during your European vacation or business trip. Setting aside most of the technical mumbo-jumbo (“Chip and PIN card? What’s a chip and PIN card?"), here’s a real-time primer for real people.

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An American cardholder in Paris (and Barcelona and London)

Tony Mecia

When setting off on a two-week trip to Europe last month, I was looking forward to having some questions answered. You know, important international travel questions such as: Would Parisian waiters live up to their snooty stereotypes? Does my Barcelona hotel room have a bidet? And, of course, there were more practical considerations: Will my credit card work?
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