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Card APRs will rise quickly after Fed rate hike

Matt Schulz
Card APRs rise quickly after rate hike

How quickly will they hit you? Once the Fed acts, your card agreement spells it out, and there are variations between banks. Some will act superfast, others will grant customers a brief reprieve.
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Money experts’ first credit card lessons

Karen Queen

Do you remember your first credit card? I got my first card in January 1987, a Visa through Carolina Telco Federal Credit Union. I was four years out of college and hadn’t yet built up a savings account. I was…
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Will physical credit cards go the way of CDs?

Brady Porche

What’s plastic, stores data and is virtually obsolete in the smartphone era? If you said the compact disc, you’re living in the 2000s. A more relevant answer is the physical credit card, which is in danger of extinction amid a…
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Paying off card debt? Forget math, go snowball, studies say

Kelly Dilworth
Juice Images / Creative RF / Getty Images

Feeling financially bloated after months of heavy holiday spending? If you want to slim down your credit card balances fast, experts typically recommend that you pay down the balance with the highest APR first (after you pay the minimum amount…
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