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How personal tragedy changed my financial outlook

Sally Herigstad

My attitude toward personal finances has shifted dramatically since November  2015, when a life-shattering tragedy hit our family. As a personal finance writer, I’ve preached for years about living frugally and thinking long term. It’s not that I was stingy.…
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Barclaycard Ring: Plastic with a social media twist

Julie Sherrier

Barclaycard is attempting to curry the credit card-carrying public’s favor by introducing the Barclaycard Ring MasterCard, which will be designed (at least in part) by social media feedback.

Cardholders — or “members” — will be allowed to see the card’s profit-and-loss statements as well as take a share of profits down the road, which can be donated to charity through its “Giveback” program. The colorful, feel-good website for the card touts: “You and your fellow
cardmembers will work together to shape Barclaycard Ring into something you can feel good about. As your credit card company, we promise to listen to what you have to say.”

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The (not surprising) psychology behind minimum payments

Julie Sherrier

Researchers in Coventry, England, are saying a small segment of the population who, when presented with the option of making only the minimum payment instead of more on their credit card bills, choose to do so.
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