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Google plan to track card data outrages privacy activists

Kelly Dilworth

Google has started tracking what you buy with your credit and debit cards so that it can convince retailers that its targeted ads are persuading you to spend more. While this helps marketers, privacy activists – and everyday consumers like…
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Privacy agencies say don’t worry: Consumer bureau is no spy

Fred Williams

Claims that the government is spying on us are bound to hit a nerve, following revelations about the National Security Agency peeking at our telephone records.
So we checked with established privacy groups that are on the lookout for incursions into our personal sphere. The bottom line: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is not something they lie awake worrying about.
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When it comes to your personal and financial details, there’s no hiding now

Kelly Dilworth

If you value your privacy, the past several years have been rough.

Advertisers are trying to make money off you by following your activities on the Web. Credit card issuers are tracking what you buy — not just for anti-fraud purposes. And dozens of consumer reporting companies are collecting and selling so much personal and financial information about you that if you pulled all that data together in one place, you’d essentially create a revealing biography of who you are — and how you choose to live.

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