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Banks add virtual tellers as branch numbers shrink

Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp

Bank of America made news in February with the opening of three teller-less branches, but Indiana-based Salin Bank and some regional banks have been adding virtual tellers for years. Here’s how Salin Bank tellers miles away help customers at branches…
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Your holiday guide to credit card innovations and gadgets

Jeremy Simon

It’s been some time since I last updated you all on the must-have gadgets and gizmos related to credit cards. To make it up to you, ahead of the holidays, here are the latest payment card innovations — in the form of a Square, Piece of Cake and a Nintendo controller.
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More wacky, wonderful payment card innovations and gadgets

Jeremy Simon

Plastic doesn’t stand still. Creative people continue to push payment cards in new directions, from allowing use of a prepaid card for medical marijuana purchases to accepting credit card payments on your iPhone. We’ve got these and other wacky, wonderful innovations and gadgets below.
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Sleepy Dems swipe eco-friendly, wooden hotel ‘keys’

Daniel Ray

When Democrats leave their convention events in Denver and head back to their hotel rooms, they may have sweeping oratory in their ears, but they’ll be carrying wood chips in their pockets.
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