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Young millennial renters: Start mortgage-prepping now!

Sienna Kossman
Preparing for home ownership

As temperatures rise and flowers bloom, many young consumers will be shopping for their first home. Last fall, the majority of prospective homebuyers (53 percent) said they hoped to buy a home in seven months or more, indicating spring and…
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Low credit scores lead many to delay buying a home, study finds

Peter Fullam

Despite a home-buying climate of low mortgage rates, many U.S. consumers are putting off buying homes because they are worried their credit scores may not be good enough, a recent survey finds. According to the Consumer Homebuying Survey 2016 conducted…
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It’s not you, real estate market, it’s me

Yasmin Ghahremani

Owning a home is supposed to be the American dream, but what if you want to spend your weekends somewhere besides Home Depot?

Even if you’ve got good credit and enough cash for a substantial down payment, owning isn’t always the best option.

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Head in the sand doesn’t really work for those outstanding debts

Connie Prater

A headline from Michigan caught my eye this morning: “101-year-old Detroit woman evicted in foreclosure.”

The Associated Press article detailed the plight of Texana Hollis and her son, Warren. Sheriff’s deputies went to the home she has lived in for nearly six decades and put the woman and her two adult sons (ages 66 and 69) out. Warren Hollis told WXYZ-TV that he hadn’t paid the mortgage in several years and ignored eviction notices.

If you’re going to do that, think about the collateral damage that you may be causing to people who depend you on — an elderly parent who lives with you, your children or spouse. They would face the embarrassment and disruption caused by a “surprise” eviction or a civil judgment for a delinquent credit card bill.

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