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MasterCard’s new ‘Display’ card: muscle card with no brakes

Jay MacDonald

Slide over, American Express Centurion “Black” Card with your Hollywood allure. Bow down, Coutts & Co. World Card, the plastic preferred by Queen Elizabeth. Sayonara, Citibank Ultima with your free rounds of golf and worldwide airport lounge access.

There’s a new status card in town that packs something the rest of you lack: a tiny keypad and LCD digital numeric display.

Last week, MasterCard introduced its Display Card, now available through Standard Chartered Bank exclusively to qualifying customers in Singapore.

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In an about-face, NYC cabbies now say they love plastic

Jeremy Simon

For nearly two years, news reports have chronicled New York City cab drivers’ love-hate relationship with credit cards — with an emphasis on the hate. In an abrupt shift, NYC cabbies are now confessing a change of heart toward plastic payments.
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