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Post-recession renters are older, more creditworthy

Brady Porche

Today’s renters are older and have stronger credit profiles compared to those who rented during the Great Recession, according to a new study by TransUnion. The credit reporting agency said in December 38.6 percent of renters had prime or better…
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Generation Xers still deeply in debt

Kelly Dilworth

More than five years have passed since the Great Recession formally ended in June 2009. But for many Generation Xers, it’s still not over.
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U.S. economic recession shifted FICO credit scores

Jeremy Simon

It’s no shock that during the devastating economic downturn, a lot of people went from good credit to bad, as job losses and foreclosures took their toll. But here’s a surprise: According to FICO data, the number of people with excellent credit didn’t fall during the recession — it grew.

“Many people seem to think that everyone’s FICO score must be down these days. However scores have moved in both directions,” says Rachel Bell, senior director of global scoring solutions for FICO.

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What’s driving more women to seek debt help?

Julie Sherrier

My boss forwarded me a study called “Women, Debt and the Recession,” and asked if I’d like to blog about the topic. Maybe he thinks I know a thing or two about being a female in debt and weathering the recession. Seeing as I just wrote about my new frugality (or lack thereof), perhaps I would have some insight about the rather startling statistics revealed in this recent CareOne Debt Relief Services’ survey.
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Is my new frugality anything like yours?

Julie Sherrier

Journalists and researchers question whether the new frugality mentality is permanent or just a fad. From my viewpoint, I think it’s a little of both.

Finance guru Jean Chatzky recently reported on the frugality trend in her “Sheconomics” column on (“Saving — not spending — makes consumers feel smarter”). She wrote about the results of a study by Deloitte and The Harrison Group called “The New American Pantry Study.” The study revealed five new consumer behaviors that developed as a result of the bad economy, according to Chatzky. I considered these five new behaviors and wondered if, indeed, mine had changed with them. What I found is that some I had already been practicing and some did not apply at all:

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