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Millennial dining trends eschew traditional ‘VIP’ card experiences

Brady Porche

Is dining out becoming less about the experience than about convenience? The American Express-Chase duel over elite cards and millennials holds some clues. In late May, American Express released the results of its annual restaurant industry survey, which asked consumers…
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Mastercard’s ‘Open Tab’ makes it easier to close out

Brady Porche

Paying your tab at a packed, understaffed bar can be a drag on a fun outing, but Mastercard wants to change that. The payment network in February announced a new feature in its Qkr! with Masterpass mobile payment app that…
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A tip of the hat to tip-free restaurants

Jenny Hoff

I had my first experience at a tip-free restaurant, and it was great — as in absolutely no difference in the quality of service I received. I wrote in a previous post about the tipping phenomenon at coffee shops that…
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Tipping via chip card makes a change toward the awkward

Sienna Kossman

Just as we’re getting used to dipping chip-equipped cards instead of swiping them, we may also need to get used to new tipping procedures. Last Wednesday I went to a local coffee shop I’ve never been to before and had…
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You want my credit card BEFORE I eat?

Jay MacDonald

Let’s say you and your friends are footsore from knocking around the historic Uptown district of Charlotte, N.C., and decide to stop for a bite at Nikko Japanese restaurant and sushi bar on South Boulevard. As you settle into your cushy circular booth, visions of wasabi eel and umbrella drinks swimming in your heads, your waiter approaches, scribbles your order, then asks for a credit card to hold while you enjoy your meal.
Do you give it to him?
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