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How to avoid Fyres that can burn you

Erica Sandberg

The flames of April’s Fyre Festival have begun to die down, but the reputation of the failed fest’s co-founder was singed years before by an elite card that wasn’t what it seemed. Though some stories in 2014 about Billy McFarland’s…
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Don’t wait to talk to aging parents about money

Kelly Dilworth

When should you start talking with your aging parents about their money? According to new research in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society, you may want to have that talk sooner that you might have expected. The study tracked…
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Beware tax preparer fraud, other ‘dirty dozen’ scams

Susan Ladika
How to avoid tax prep scams

If you’re rushing to get your tax return in the mail, take care when choosing your tax preparer. If you don’t, you could lose your refund and face fines or jail time if your preparer files a fraudulent return. Tax…
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Talking about fraud can help prevent it

Kelly Dilworth

The next time you get a suspicious call or text message, don’t keep it to yourself. Broadcast it to your family members and friends, says the Federal Trade Commission. Your loved ones may be able to help you determine whether…
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Emily’s list: ‘Black Tuesday’ and the Great Depression edition

Emily Crone

Today marks an important anniversary. This date in 1929 was when The New York Stock Exchange crashed and began the start of The Great Depression. There was plenty of wealth floating around in the Roaring Twenties, but the bull market came to an end on October 29, a day called “Black Tuesday.” The consequent slump was devastating for businesses and consumers, and lasted for 10 years. Our latest recession was constantly compared to The Great Depression. While this one wasn’t quite as damaging, it had similar effects; unemployment, low stock prices, difficulty securing credit, the closing of businesses, and more.

I think my generation has also learned lasting lessons from this recession. I think some of these lessons will be lasting and have taught us not to take things for granted now that we know how bad things can get.

read on and enjoy this roundup of my 10 favorite credit- and debt-related posts from the past week!

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