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Stress from debt can trickle down to kids

Kelly Dilworth

Parents thinking about charging toys, vacations or other nonessential expenses to their cards may want to hold off if they can’t afford to repay those purchases in full. According to a new study in the journal Pediatrics, charging more than…
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Study: People make smarter money choices when they’re hungry

Kelly Dilworth

The next time you go shopping, you may want to skip lunch. A new study published Oct. 23 by Plos One found that people who are moderately hungry tend to make smarter choices with their cash.
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Fed studies romance, credit; finds couples that pay together, stay together

Jay MacDonald

If you’re inclined to accept dating advice from the Federal Reserve Board — and I know you are — its steamy new study, "Household Formation, Credit, and Trustworthiness" reads like "Fifty Shades of Gray" for the gray flannel set.

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Egos soothed when buying on plastic

Julie Sherrier

Get turned down for a promotion? Feel like it’s you against the world? If so, you’re more likely to soothe your soul with a credit card purchase than a cash purchase, according to research published in March 2011 in the “Social Psychological and Personality Science” journal.

According to the study’s authors, Nathan C. Pettit (Cornell University) and Niro Sivanathan (London Business School), the more you feel threatened, the more likely you are to avoid further pain by paying for a desired item with easy credit instead of precious cash.

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Cleanliness lesson from ATMs, toilets, germs and Charlie Sheen

Daniel Ray

That does it. I’m using my elbows from now on to punch in my PIN number at an ATM.

Headline writer on both sides of the pond are having great sport scaring the public with the results of a new study showing that ATM keypads are as filthy as public toilets.

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