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Tax season is a great time to check credit, finances

Dawn Papandrea

Every year at tax time, I’m forced to sift through my shoebox full of receipts, print out spreadsheets and take inventory of my financial accounts. I might be a personal finance writer, but my record keeping admittedly needs some work.…
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Spend your tax refund wisely or treat yourself?

Sienna Kossman

Are you one of the lucky ones getting a tax return this year? Here are four rules for using your extra income in ways you’ll enjoy without derailing good financial habits:
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3 New Year’s credit resolutions I intend to keep

Sienna Kossman

In the spirit of moving forward and continuing to grow financially, I’ve come up with three credit-based financial goals I want to accomplish by the end of 2015. They aren’t huge, but I think these are all resolutions I can easily stick to. Here’s my credit plan for the New Year:
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I like anticipating my tax refund every year, but tax refund loans or ‘checks’ aren’t for me

Connie Prater

I’ve never been tempted to get a refund anticipation loan and I’m definitely not interested in paying $34.95 to get my refund a week early. I’ve never been in a situation where I needed cash that quickly and couldn’t get the money from elsewhere — such as my rainy day savings fund. But I know many Americans are struggling day to day. They may feel a RAL is their only option.

If I were advising a friend or relative, I would say it’s worth it to wait for the refund and anticipate getting the full benefit of the IRS check — without a lender taking a cut of the money off the top or the bottom.

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Emily’s list: Old-school socialite edition

Emily Crone

This week’s credit card roundup focuses on two famous old-school socialites who live very different lives than most of us. Few of us have their ability to spend recklessly.
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