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1099-C rule change is good news for debtors

Fred Williams

This tax season, there’s good news for people struggling with debt. Under a new IRS rule, people will no longer be squeezed for taxes just because an old debt has gone unpaid. Before coming to that, however, some bad news:…
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Don’t let your ‘side hustle’ become a full-time headache

Sienna Kossman

An additional source of income can help you pay down debt or save for retirement, but the more you work, the more dollars and taxes you have to keep straight. Whatever your “side hustle” of choice is, here are a few tips for keeping your finances on track as you take on extracurricular employment:
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Last-minute tax move doesn’t hold up under scrutiny

Fred Williams

Taking a hit on capital gains taxes at today’s relatively low rates might not be such a money-saving idea when you consider transaction fees. Then there is the questionable wisdom of triggering a tax bill that could be put off instead.

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Emily’s list: ‘The Hunger Games’ edition

Emily Crone

Unless you pay no attention to pop culture, you know that “The Hunger Games” hits theaters today. The movie is based on the smash hit book series by Suzanne Collins. It’s interesting to observe the fictional world that Collins created. It’s like an extreme version of the situation that spurred the Occupy Wall Street protests. The book was first published in 2008, but the story seems eerily timely. Please continue reading for my roundup of my 10 favorite personal finance blog posts from the past week!
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H&R Block’s guarantee doesn’t mean you won’t pay

Matt Schulz

When your tax preparer drops the ball with your return, they’re supposed to fix it and pay the extra amount, right? At least that’s what H&R Block promises.

Well, I found out the hard way that even when the tax prep giant lives up to its “Peace of Mind” guarantee, you can still get stuck writing a big check to Uncle Sam yourself.

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