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Do you check restaurant receipts? You should

Kimberley Carmona

A night out with friends might include savory food, tasty cocktails and a table full of laughter, but getting charged for more than what you signed for can ruin any good memories. I have had that experience. I was with friends…
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A tip of the hat to tip-free restaurants

Jenny Hoff

I had my first experience at a tip-free restaurant, and it was great — as in absolutely no difference in the quality of service I received. I wrote in a previous post about the tipping phenomenon at coffee shops that…
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The tip jar goes digital, and it’s costing you

Jenny Hoff

In case you haven’t noticed yet, there is a new tip jar popping up at coffee shops and food trucks, and it’s in the shape of a shiny tablet. If you use your credit card to pay for small purchases,…
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Tipping via chip card makes a change toward the awkward

Sienna Kossman

Just as we’re getting used to dipping chip-equipped cards instead of swiping them, we may also need to get used to new tipping procedures. Last Wednesday I went to a local coffee shop I’ve never been to before and had…
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DipJar: a tipping solution for a cashless society

Jay MacDonald

How do you leave a tip when all you’ve got is a card? There may be an answer — called DipJar — for the cashless customer slinking out of the door, embarrassed at not tipping.
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