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5 money-saving credit card tips for savvy family travelers

Stephanie Zito

Credit card rewards are a great way for families to earn points and miles to help offset the cost of summer vacations, spring break trips, and family getaways with the kids. While I don’t travel with kids myself, every week…
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U.S.-North Korea tense relations’ new victims? Apparently, ATMs

Jay MacDonald

Could mounting diplomatic tensions between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un over the latter’s provocative missile testing off the Korean Peninsula have disabled the ATMs at Pyongyang’s new Sunan International Airport? Unlikely as it seems, that’s…
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Do credit cards cover checked electronic devices?

Dawn Papandrea

U.S.- and U.K.-bound airline passengers who can no longer carry on devices larger than a cellphone won’t find that their credit cards offer much protection for laptops and other pricey electronics checked in their luggage. While the new rule to…
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Fantastic credit advice you’re not following (but should)

Erica Sandberg

As a longtime credit expert, counselor and writer, I sometimes feel as if  I’m just wasting my breath. Do this, do that; don’t do this, don’t do that. And then what happens? Radio silence. Look, I get it. Some credit…
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