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Financial resources for young adults

Emily Crone

When you are young and first learning about credit and personal finance, it can be a struggle to digest everything all at once. For those just starting on the path of financial freedom, I have put together several resources to help along the way.
This Web site is a free money management tool. You put in your bank and credit card information, and it displays and keeps track of your spending and saving. It categorizes your purchases to help you see where all of your money is going, and has charts to help you compare month-to-month finances. You can choose to have it send various e-mail alerts. Mint can also help you create a budget.
Young Money is a magazine (no, it has nothing to do with rap), but the Web site has lots of interesting financial articles and information geared toward young adults. Topics included are credit basics, money management, financial aid, investing and more.

CNN’s Money 101
CNN has put together this great “step by step guide to gaining control of your financial life.” It covers all the basics of everything related to personal finance. It gives advice on controlling debt, buying a car, saving for college and more, but it also outlines how many things work, such as 401(k)s, stock option plans, health insurance, etc. It’s broken up into digestible lessons.

This financial site has loads of articles, calculators and worksheets to help you learn everything about finances. There is an entire section on credit, covering debt, rate changes, credit scores and more. Its also has a college section with tons of helpful information.

The Motley Fool
This Web site’s tagline is “To Educate, Amuse & Enrich.” The main site,, is jam-packed with information about investing and personal finance. But the credit section has tons of goodies.

Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist blog
This isn’t directly tied to credit, but it is one of my new favorites. While Penelope’s focus is on careers and the work/life balance, she has some great entries about personal finance, and several related to young adults. Her blogs are quirky and fun. If you go to her home page, scroll down on the right until you see the categories. Click on “Money.” Read. Enjoy.

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