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  • vandana

    Been meaning to close my AAdvantage card, which I’ve had for years, but sounds like a bad idea…. if I can get them to waive the $85 annual fee, that’s an easy decision 🙂

  • dayze

    If you cancel even department store cards, they dock you. We tried for refinancing our equity 5 yrs ago, when it was good times, and they put me down scored (because of all of the canceled cards)
    in rating .
    It did not say that I had canceled them which made it look like the stores had canceled me.
    Also in Europe someone had tried to test one of my cards for .87 cents to make sure it went through.
    The card company called me immediately to see if I had charged it. I said I had only flown through Europe each time I go abroad, but not stopped over, and It had been sometime since I had gone.
    They said someone was testing to see if the card number was good at .87 cents, then they would charge big on it.
    Stolen Identity Thing.
    The card company said they would change my number and issue me a new card.
    I agreed, and then when we tried to get the refinance loan, three months later, that card that had been canceled and reissued, COUNTED BADLY TOWARD OUR CREDIT HISTORy, LOWERING MY RATE.
    Even though I explained the issue, they did not listen.
    I have found just keep the cards on file, cut them up so no one else will use them, and keep a check on them to make sure someone else does not steal your ID.
    My cousin had moved from San Fransisco to Las Vegas.
    For more than 20 years the Sears Account in San Francisco was dormant.
    She had gotten a new IN STORE ACCOUNT when she moved to Vegas FROM THE STORE RIGHT BESIDE HER HOUSE.
    One day she got a bill at her new address on the old San Francisco Sears Account, and someone had purchased a TV (FROM THE SAN FRANCISCO STORE) on her old San Francisco account.
    She called and got it taken off.
    Someone on the Inside had found her account and used it IN THE STORE to get the TV.
    Also you have to watch Insurance companies and Magazine companies because they will bill you and then say… have one month to say no.
    If it is not indicated no, then they will say you can’t take it off and keep charging you.
    Through the years this has happened to me several times…on several types of magazines…Spanish magazines, and Golf magazines….all coming and refusing to refund, saying I have to catch it when it is renewed every 6 months…at the yearly rate…high charges….more than if I had subscribed myself.
    Years ago what happened to me, I really didn’t use the card and was paying down the levels monthly, so did not scan through bills, just sent a monthly check. One day I looked at my account and saw a large charge for life insurance.
    I called and they said I could not take it off because I had not said no in the first month.And they would keep charging me also.
    I said I did not buy the insurance, and they said I had and had signed the paperwork myself. I asked how long ago and wanted a copy of my signature, and said I had never received the policy copy (which they never give you because it could tip you off that they are charging on your account).
    Their excuse was that it was over 9 months so paperwork was not kept over 6 months.
    I asked who was the beneficiary and she said my husband.
    One that was a lie, I would never put my husband AT THAT TIME since he had put over a million on me before and tried to collect on it so of course I would never have given him another reason to collect on me….
    Finally I told her I was turning it over to the district attorney to investigate them in our state,and she IMMEDIATELY gave me credit for the 9 months back on my card.
    These people and THE CARD COMPANIES are thieves and con artist for participating in this type of activities.
    You get some little old lady on a limited budget, and they kill her account, and she will never be able to pay it off, and the interest keeps getting bigger and bigger.

  • Deeded

    I use credit cards only for convenience (online purchases, filling stations) and ALWAYS pay the full balance off every month. I use one card 90% of the time because it gives me reward points. If that card is not accepted, I use a Visa which EVERYONE takes.
    What I found was the Visa card company didn’t like that they weren’t making any $$ off me because of paying the balance in full every month. So my payments started getting “mislaid” or not applied until one day after the due date, which triggered late fees/penalties. Sometimes if I felt like waiting on hold 30 mins. or haggling with cust. serv. I could get the penalties waived. Then Visa started a policy where I could only get the penalties removed “once in a calendar year”.
    For these reasons I cancelled my Visa card. My credit score probably took a hit, but I don’t borrow money anymore since I discovered that’s how our debt-based economy operates and why so many people stay broke most of their lives.