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Santa, baby…cover my bills?

Emily Crone

New Christmas-themed panties in the juniors department at Wal-Mart have been removed from the store due to complaining parents. What’s all the fuss? The front of the panties said, “Who needs credit cards…” The booty read, “When you have Santa.” Apparently these mothers don’t want their daughters to think Santa is their sugar daddy.

The feminist blog wrote an indignant post after a reader alerted them to the evil $2.96 panties. In the blog, the executive editor wrote, “There’s nothing quite like telling adolescent girls that they don’t need to worry about finances since they have their very own moneypot between their legs.” She gives contact information for Wal-Mart’s corporate offices and customer services so you can “let them know that preteen vaginas aren’t commodities.”

I’m sorry, but I don’t think we’re giving young women enough credit here. Let me remind you, this was in the juniors department, not the kids. Do you seriously think a pair of Wal-Mart panties is going to warp a 14-year-old’s sense of worth? I would hope our young women are smarter than that, and know their “vajayjays” (as Oprah calls it) aren’t replacements for credit cards. If not, there is something seriously wrong with our country and the way kids are being parented.

For a peek at the panties, click here.

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  • casey

    I think they’re being a little protective, but I think the feminists have a point. Though 14 years old girls may not equate what’s under the Walmart panties directly with money, they certainly are receiving the subtle and pervasive message that what’s under those panties can traded in for material goods. The message might have been less controversial if it were on a t-shirt instead.