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Discover what your sweetie wants for Valentine’s

Emily Crone

Think you know what your sweetie wants for Valentine’s Day? Discover Card’s third annual Valentine’s Day Shopping Survey exposes what lovebirds are planning to buy and hoping to receive this Feb. 14.

The survey of more than 1,000 adults revealed that the majority of men and women plan to have a special Valentine’s dinner together. More males than females expect to foot the bill. Here are some of the other highlights:

•    45 percent of men and 32 percent of women plan to treat their Valentine to a night on the town.
•    A whopping 69 percent of men plan to give flowers to their love.
•    46 percent of men plan to give chocolate, while 33 percent of women hope to receive it.
•    About a third (36 percent) of men plan to buy clothing or lingerie for their Valentine, but only 16 percent of women desire or expect it (they prefer flowers).
•    44 percent of women plan to give their man music, books, DVDs or games, while only 31 percent of males expect or desire to receive any.

Women plan to spend an average of $54.20 this Valentine’s Day while men plan to an average of $98.20. Unmarried folks plan to spend $95.50 on average, while married people spend an average of $69.30 on their spouses. Sounds like those who are already hitched have less to prove.  Overall, men will spend 72 percent more than women on gifts.

But don’t worry: Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to break the bank. Contrary to what Hallmark wants you to think, remember the day is about celebrating your love — not about outspending each other, or even spending any money at all. Heck, my boyfriend and I are planning to get to-go food and watch the new episode of “Lost” for Valentine’s Day.  If you need an inexpensive gift, make your lover a mix CD or a scrapbook of pictures of the two of you.

Tawara Kellam at lists some great ways to keep the costs down on Valentine’s Day.  Her ideas include having a romantic picnic, celebrating a day late (when everything is on sale!) and having a date at the bookstore along with a cup of coffee.

The Frugal Duchess blog also has a list of several ways to have an inexpensive Valentine’s. One of her ideas is to go on a fun but cheap date at the bowling alley, roller skating rink or mini golf course. You can have pizza, hot dogs and beer. Other ideas include giving your partner a massage, volunteering somewhere together and just buying one flower or a hand-picked bouquet of flowers rather than expensive store-bought ones.

Do you have any tips for a frugal Valentine’s Day?

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