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Dollars versus donuts: a poll

Emily Crone

It’s no secret that Americans are becoming increasingly fat and financially irresponsible. With a credit crunch and obesity epidemic underway, things haven’t been looking good. That’s why it was quite refreshing this morning to read that Americans are striving equally for both physical and financial fitness in 2008.

In a survey conducted by American Express of over 2,000 U.S. adults, 89 percent of respondents indicated it was important for them to improve upon financial and fiscal fitness in 2008, while 88 percent said it was important for them to improve upon physical health and fitness. Looks like people are just as ready to shed their holiday weight as they are their debt!

“Just as the right exercise equipment facilitates a good physical work out, one critical step toward improving fiscal fitness is having the right financial tools, including the optimal credit or charge card to meet one’s financial and lifestyle needs,” the press release says.

So true. Make sure your APR is reasonable, and consider calling your issuer to see if it can be lowered. If they won’t, consider switching to a card with a lower APR. In terms of lifestyle considerations, if you fly frequently but have a gasoline rebate credit card, switching to one that will reward you with airline miles may benefit you more. Reward credit cards are becoming increasingly fine-tuned (heck, there’s even one for weddings), and there may be a better one for you now than there was when you applied for your last card.

Shedding financial stress and exercising regularly makes you happier and boosts your health. Focusing on achieving physical and fiscal fitness this year will greatly improve your quality of life. I can attest to that personally, as those are two goals I’ve made for myself this year, and I must say, I’ve done a pretty good job at keeping them up. Then again, it’s only early February.

Did you make a resolution involving either type of fitness this year? How are you living up to it?

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